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Experience, achievements, and human relations cultivated through 60 years of history. We have a large number of accounts with major companies and create custom products to meet customer needs.

Major applications at each branch

The Tokyo Micro Network, which integrates the main functions of each location throughout the company to provide optimal proposals.

Tokyo Branch Office
Clutches, Torque Limiters, Pumps, etc
Cash machine
DC gear motors, DC brushless motors, fan motors, solenoids, clutches, etc
Machine tools
Brakes, AC motors, etc.
Pressure sensors, liquid leak sensors, etc.
Factory automation
Brakes, brake parts, etc.
Fan motors, servo motors, motor drivers, motor assemblies, etc.
Game machines
Fan motors, solenoids, AC motors, DC motors, etc.
Vending machines
Boilers, DC motors, heaters, thermostats, etc.
Osaka Branch Office
Industrial machinery
Various drive systems, transport systems, various actuators, various sensors, etc.
Machine tools
Various positioning sensors, danger prevention sensors, drive system stop devices, etc.
Food machinery
Various motors, linear actuators, etc. for drives including transport systems
Control equipment
Consistent support from software development to hardware design and manufacturing in the electronics field.
Nagoya Branch Office
General Industry
Units, motors, control boards, clutches and brakes
Control equipment
Consistent support from software development to hardware design and manufacturing in the electronics field.
Medical equipment
Motors, precision feed screws, brakes, clutches, etc.
Unit Products
Integrated support from design, production, and outgoing inspection available
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Technology Center Technology Center

Technology unit and North Kanto logistics base


A manufacturing base with over 30 years of technical capabilities. Have received various certifications and awards. In addition to our own torque limiters and freewheels, we also undertake product development and design, provide advice on the development of various molds, and provide services from design to trial production to mass production.

Technology unit and North Kanto logistics base

See Gunma Technology Center Tour

Tour of the Gunma Technology Center, where you can see the production line and factory of the Eco-limiter (made of all plastic), for which we have acquired a registered trademark.

Main functions of the Mother Factory

Main functions of the Mother Factory


Anti-corona various shield for prevention of droplet infection

Start selling AuTo shield "Bowls"

This product is developed by our company in order to survive in the "with corona era. It is a droplet infection shield using a film instead of a conventional acrylic sheet.

Environmentally friendly all-plastic products



International Agency Purchasing International Agency Purchasing

We help small and medium-sized companies in Japan to expand overseas sales of products and business.

Tokyo Micro's Distribution and Consolidation Services

Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization
Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization
> TOKYO MICRO CO.,LTD Introduce many companies in Ota City that provide excellent engineering capabilities, especially companies that are particularly interested in doing business with overseas partners, and being them to be matched with overseas companies that can provide solutions. Each company's website describes their areas of expertise and products, as well as their current overseas operations and future goals.